Meal Planning

Let Ruff’n’Ready take some of the guesswork out of raw dog food for you. If your pet is healthier with the addition of fresh fruits, vegetables, and mix-ins then check out some of our example meal plans. Raw or cooked veggies and fruits added to your pet’s diet enhance their health, provide low-calorie bulk, to satiate hunger, help to clean teeth and regulate bowels

These are some general guidelines to help optimize your experience when mixing in fresh addons to your Ruff’n’Ready meals:

  • Recommended proportion is less than 5% of your pet’s daily protein portion. It is recommended that you vary your pet’s daily protein from our available sources. Repetition can lead to sensitivities and boredom
  • Add slowly to determine toleration, and always use moderation
  • Blended can provide better availability for absorption. Freezing the puree in cubes helps with planning
  • Adding the fruits and vegetables you are preparing for yourself is easy and economical. Just remember no salt or butter for your pet
  • Remember there are fruits and vegetables which are harmful to pets the internet and our website has a wealth of information if you are in doubt
  • Supplements such as fish or krill oil, tripe, and Spirulina are also great to add to your pet’s diet and are available where you pick up Ruff’n’Ready

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